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tv   America Live  FOX News  August 6, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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be with again. >> thanks for joining us america lives starts right now. nstarting with a fox news alert. dozens of employees have been air lifted in yemen. there was a decision to evacuate and growing concerns over extremely high security threat level. welcome everyone to america live. i am jamie colby. >> and i am gregg jarret. we are in for megyn kelliy. the state department is urging all american citizens to get out and leave the country. intelligence officials have increased chatter about an imminent attack in and around the araban peninsula where a dangerous al-qaeda have set up shop. the british government also shut
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down their own embassy in yemen followed six days of increased u.s. drone strikes due to the threat that prompted the closure of 19 u.s. embassy and consulates in the middle east and africa. wendall joins us. >> the latest drone strike occurred when four suspected members of al-qaeda were killed in the car they were riding in. shortly after that attack the state department announced the u.s. embassy was evacuated and appears more than nonessential personnel was floun out of the country, our ability to assist u.s. citizens in an emergency may be further constrained by the fluid security situations. president obama met with yemen's president last thursday, a day before the state department announced it was closing 21
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different installations. and mr. obama said they were pushed out of parts of yemen but the group remains a threat. >> as al-qaeda core has been diminished through the efforts of the united states and our allies, affiliate organizations including al-qaeda in the araban peninsula have strengthened and we have here in washington, identified hua p as a potentially dangerous threat for sometime now. >> now with the u.s. embassy below emergency staffing it may have been the target. and u.s. officials will not confirm. that critics say the president is being foolish to make a distinction between al-qaeda and the different affiliates. >> the administration for four
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and half years, tried to slice and dice by defining al-qaeda's little sliver that is hanging out along the afghan- pakistan border that is a mischaracterization and what we are seeing is a demonstration of a reassertion of central control. >> yemen's president made clear he supports the drone strike. saying that hua p has driven out tourist. its fighters are more difficult to spot. >> we are also keeping an eye on the state department and we are going to go live there if any details emerge. there may be a briefing and so stay tuned for the latest information. >> one law makers is raising concerns about the mass embassy closure is sending to our
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enemies. texas congressman said that the move makes america look cowardly. white house jay carney was answering the same question. >> what does it say to the rest of the world when you close two dozen embassies and consulates. some might say it is a showing of weakness on the part of the united states, that it has to shut its doors? >> i think the state department made clear it is a temporary measure and limited to the diplomatic facilities that are specifically identified and done in terms of the extension of the closure out of an abundance of caution which i think is the right move given the potential threat that exist. >> chris is host of power play of fox chris, it is great to have you
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here this morning particularly on this. how are you? >> i am good and you? >> good. let me ask you about the president's position and jae carne's position, is it weakness as alleged or a miscalculation of the risk and threat remember the war on terror termology or lack thereof or a misappropriation of resources that we are dealing with such a strong al-qaeda kwh when the president said the core was decimated. >> the campaign rhetoric of 2012 rings hollow. the talking points for the president's campaign. general motors is alive and osama bin laden is dead and the construction of core al-qaeda and noncore al-qaeda is part of this. the president has taken a more capacious view of islamism and running the whole spectrum like
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from the muslim brotherhood whom he supported for their bid once upon a time. they are islamist and they are moderate with whom the united states can do business. and all the way over to including what they call and what jay carney calls core al-qaeda that these are radical islamist and theocrates that want to impose the twisted form of this phase on to countries. and the gradient delineations across the spectrum of what it is to be an islamist and mustheocrat gets the administration in role tangles as they try to explain the difference between good, bad, different and inside and outside. what americans know when you close down 19 embassy and withdrawing all american personnel out of the strugem. americans who reasonably ignore or try to ignore what is
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happening in that part of the world are called to attention. >> let me jump in for a second. i will talk to congressman peter king on the homeland security committee. i will ask him if we have withdraw our personnel. how will we watch our people and personnel? in terms of perception of weakness being the super power. he went to libya and gave a speech in cairo and if he underestimated the power of al-qaeda now we have this reaction, what is your report card of the impact and shoring up of national security? >> the president would have faced dire criticism if he faced an attack. and now he faces criticism for retreating. he is to a certain tent. damned if he does or doesn't.
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charles krauthammer said it is the fruit of benghazi. because of the successful islamist raid in benghazi, lirria they are -- about that raid, that is part of. it but for americans at home who try to ignore this region of the world whether it is a 1979 embassy crisis in teheran. and benghazi or this. whether it is an attack or broad- based closure, americans look at the region and say we must be doing something wrong if we can't fly the flag around the world. >> we'll talk more about what we are learning on this big story at this hour. thank you. >> you bet. >> gregg? >> fox news alert out of texas. the trial of major hassan four
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years after the massacre. he is representing himself against the 13 counts of murder and 32 count was attempted murder. he told jurors that the evidence will clearly show he was the gun men during the attack but insisted that the evidence presented would not tell the whole story. on the witness stand will be many of the survivors that saw hassan shout a la ak bar which is arabic for god is great, coming up, we'll have the latest from the courtroom and how things are playing out where a suspected killer will question the very people he is a cowed of trying to murder. we are getting new information from pennsylvania. there is a police news conference on a shooting. an angry resident burst in a room and opened fire and three
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people were killed and the acts of heroism that kept the tragedy from being worst. that is in sailorsburg, pennsylvania. hey, rick? >> jamie, state police just processed the crime scene here and the suspect, 59-year-old who was wounded with his own gun was arraigned on charges including three counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault. he told the judge he couldn't afford a lawyer and he said his property was stolen. he had a home that was described as a junkyard and shack- like outbuilding. after neighbor complaints there was buckets full of human waste. the town ordered him to vacate the property and last night,
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newell was here firing at the building 28 rounds from a rifle and first through the side and front door and firing as he went inside with 15 or 18 people ducking for cover. he ran out to his car when he ran out of ammunition and grabbed a 44 handgun and fired again and a town superizor bernie cosan tackled the suspect and wrestled him to the ground and held him down until officers arrived. >> two courage individuals positioned themselves in a way they were able to jump on this subject as he came through the door. they wrestled with him and in an attempt to subdue him even while he was firing rounds from the 44 magnum revolver. >> i spoke to bernie cosan who
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was here, and he was very shaken up and said it was a shame this had to happen. >> you never think it would have been in an area like. that thank you for the details. >> new concerns of a financial crisis in the president's hometown going the way as detroit. >> could chicago fall victim to the same problems that caused the biggest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history. >> how a predator from africa made its way in a family's apartment. >> one major provider telling folks that their coverage will be dropped as a direct result. we'll be right back. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan to go the distance with you. go long. >> a developing story we are following this hour after president george suffered a health scare. he got a stint put in his heart earlier today after doctors noticed a dangerous blockage in a are you tone check up on monday. the former president thanked family and friends and encouraged everyone to get normal check ups. we'll have more on this later this hour. >> new concerns that another u.s. city the brink of bankruptcy. first real signs of trouble for chicago. they started last month when the credit rating moody down graded the city three notches over the very large and growing pension
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debt that is estimated at 19 billion. one week later, moody's down graded board of education dow to high debt and pension problems. chicago holds 29 billion in long- term debt dow to the exact kind of spending that sank new york. the host of varny and company off of that now with us. let me ask you this. one difference between chicago and detroit. detroit is a one industry town. the president could make the argument if we bail them out it would help the automotive and all of these jobs. chicago the main industry is crime. and big safety budget and they don't have a money for budgets and union pressure. what happened? >> everyone is talking about chicago. it is in a similar boat to detroit. namely it spent too much and
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borrowed too much and cannot repay and pensions above all else, pensions are the killer. they have a teacher's union fun in collapse and four other pension funds have a liability of 19 billion. and what is ra m emmanuel going to do? he has to taken on the unions and beat back the pension and he will not get help from the state of illinois and he can't raise taxes they are sky high already and this is what you alluded to will not get a bail out from president obama. >> you don't think so. >> if the president helps detroit, he will have to help chicago and other cities that are hurting because of pension obligations. if, manual cannot get concession from the union, big- time pension concessions, that is bankruptcy. >> there is political
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implications for him, too. he has to make progress especially with so many people in the union looking at pensions. did he inherit the problem or establish the budgetary crisis. >> to be fair, he inherited most of the problem. promiseless were made to the retired of the cities. big promise we'll pay all of the health and pension benefits way out in the future and now the bill is do and they can't afford it. they have a definite 340 million. in 2015 it sky rocketed to a billion. >> it is the third largest city. >> that's correct. >> where do they get the money? >> they don't get it from illinois and they don't get it from president obama and can't raise taxes. they can't borrow it. they must have concessions from
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the union or it is bankruptcy. that is my bottom line analysis. >> that's the headline. concessions must come. >> yes. >> stewart thank you. we always watch varney and company. >> it is a frightening scenario. two young boys are killed by a deadly predator that is found in the jungles of africa. who may be responsible for it? and the tale of the beauty and bomb. how one pageant contestant played a prank, but how not everyone found it funny. >> these are serious charges and serious devices and this is not something you want to be involved in and this goes beyond a teenage prank. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want.
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welcome back everybody. we are getting new video from the chaotic rescue operation. it is shedding new light on the death of a teenage girl killed by a fire truck after initially surviving the crash. it was from the helmet camera that worn by the battalian chief. he was never told the 16 year old was on the runway and covered up by foam. the video is being reviewed. the chinese teen was spotted before she was struck and mistakenly dead. he was not told where she was in her location and was not told of
10:25 am
her status or whereabouts. >> a small community is mourning the death by a massive python. >> the snake was not for sale. it belonged to the owner of the reptile store who had it a decade. it is a afri an rock python and 14 feet long and weighed 100 pounds and no one usually handles the nak and so it is unclear how it got out of the cage. but it slithered through the ventilation system to the upstairs apartment. and five year old and sen-year-old boys were having a sleep over whose dad owns the snake. they were a sleep together when the snake punched a hole in the ceiling and dropped on them and strangled them. the man who owns the snake
10:26 am
thought they were sleeping until he saw the horrifying scene. it is too early to say if charges will be filed in this sglashgsz sglooifrnldz this is sgla discriminal -- this is a criminal investigation. the boy's mother lives by the apartment. they have had a number of sleep overs with their best friend. and because of the vicious comments, they have had to shut down the store and their web site and facebook page. it is unclear when they will open again. awful story out of canada. >> trace, thank you. >> today, four years in the making, today is the first day of the court martial underway for the accused fort hood shooter nadal hasavnlt he spoke in court today and he said the
10:27 am
evidence will show he was the shooting. >> new concerns about the president's promise that americans will be able to keep their doctor and new health care plan as we learn that one major insurance provider is dropping the plans in at least two states. we'll debate how this will affect people nationwide. >> brand new details about the man who was accused of mowing down beach goers. we hear from the broken hearted family of the woman who was killed. >> explain what happened and what i feel. so, -- thank you.
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>> fox news alert out of the washington. we learn that the administration is apparently giving green light to high level talks with russia, this news despite the russian decision to give a siium to edward snowden. the russian counterparts to go down in washington this friday.
10:32 am
not withstanding what many law makers view as a slap in the face referring to snowden's asylum. president obama and president putin are scheduled to meet in russia as part of the g- 20 summit next month. we'll bring you the latest as this happens. >> some of the survivors of the fort hood massacre are coming face-to-face with the man that tried to kill them. he stood in court and told everyone that the evidence will prove he was the shooter. it is nearly four years after the rampage that killed 13 people and wonded dozens. and just a short time ago, that was his first attempt of addressing the court and the survivors. stacey seagal has the latest. this is something. how are the victims holding up? >> it is very emotional in the courtroom as you can imagine.
10:33 am
none of the victims or any of the family members of the victims took the witness stand. they are flying through the witnesses and we are talking about that as members of the press. they are running a head of schedule. they initially said no witnesses would take the stand until after lunch. we haven't had a lunch break and already six witnesses including hassan's neighbor and fbi forensic technician got off of the stand. we heard from three different staff members in a gun store, called guns galore and members who had a hand in happening hassan and he came in and inquired and he was interested in high capacity magazines and he purchased more ammunition than usual. hassan has not cross examined any of the witnesses and that is an interesting notion once the government finishes its line of questioning. the only time the accused spoke
10:34 am
today was two minutes in a opening statement compared to the 45 minute opening statement from the government. and hassan said, the evidence presented in the trial will show one side that i was on the wrong side and then i switched sides. what he means by that being on the wrong side in joining the u.s. military. he said it is the enemy of islam and it is hearing things like this is opening fresh wounds for the victims in court today. >> this is something that a person once exposed to has to constantly relive the things that happen that day. that is not to say that they can't live a some what normal life, but always questioning yourself and wondering what if, what if? >> now of course, when the victims and family members take the stand because hassan is
10:35 am
representing himself, he does have the opportunity to cross examine them. he hasn't done it with the witnesses so far as of yet. we'll have to wait and so what happens when they take the stand, jamie. >> i know you will be updating us all day, thank you. >> you like your doctor, ywill doctor, period. (applause) if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. no one will take it away. no matter what. >> no one will take it away no matter what. four years ago, president obama famously promised americans that health care reform would not affect those who were happy with the insurance plans, but now tens of thousands of people are experiencing just the opposite, for example people in california getting notices that their coverage will be dropped as a result of his signature plan. their providers pulling out of
10:36 am
the market to avoid changes associated with the law, and same thing in the state of maryland, this is just the latest on a growing list of problems associated with obama care and it is something that we will start to see impact people all over the country. >> dr. segal is on the fox team and in the medical center. gentlemen, thank you for being with us. michael, we'll put up on the screen a cancellation, one out in california and it makes direct reference to obama care as the reason for the cancellation. was the president's promise you will get to keep your coverage dishonest and untrue? >> over the long-term, we'll find it difficult to find anyone who will keep their current coverage. when they talk about the individual and employer man date they talk about people who are required to buy insurance.
10:37 am
but the mandates go beyond that, not only that you have insurance but a specific package of benefits that the government designed and a lot of insurance companies are not currently offering those plans and decided they can't offer them at an affordable price and they are dropping out of the market and that means they will lose their current insurance. dr. seggal tens of thousands get foisted on the exchange and they may pay 50 percent more and will they see limited-access to doctors in hospitals? >> the doctors have to agree to be on a specific plan. what we are looking at in the future in 2014, some hospitals will take the insurances on the exchanges and not take others. you will have to go through the computer and try to figure out if the hospitals and doctors will take the plan they are
10:38 am
considering. i don't think all of my patients don't need all of this coverage. a 25-year-old who's healthy, he may say if i got into an accident and i would want insurance, otherwise a lot of people find it favorable to use flexible spending accounts or something you are paying out of your pocket and you get a tax break. draft regulations with obama care made it harder for people to do that and take personal responsibility for their health. >> the president had twin promises and keeping your coverage that was the second one. this was the second one. >> those statements can go back in the pockets of americans. >> the ceo of a etna, warns that premiums will double for individuals and small businesses
10:39 am
anded study found double and triple rates. the president's second promise untrue? >> it certainly leaves a lot to be desired. the fact it, with the exception of new york and new jersey, that had dysfunctional insurance markets, insurance premiums are likely to go up across the board. particularly if you are young and healthy you will pay more and older and sicker it may not rise as fast. if you are young and healthy, you will have to pay double and triple the premiums. >> we have graphics to put up on the screen and some of it is based on the kestler study in stanford university. take a look at that. age 25 california male. schopercent more and oregon male live nothing portland 78 percent more. and missouri, 89 percent more. and indiana 91 percent more.
10:40 am
and nevada. 101percent more. dr. seagel. does that sound about right to you? >> that sounds about the way it would be. it showed a 25-year-old struggling financially and getting out of college having to foot the bill for someone who smoked all of their lives or ate improperly and sed endary. i don't want my 25-year-old patients footing the bill for them. that was not fully considered and not enough personal responsibility in the bill. this is too much insurance and not enough health care. >> dr. mike seagull and michael tanner, thank you for being here today. >> a message is not to a terrorist in yemen may have been the spark for the global anti- terror watch. congressman king on the homeland security committee will be with
10:41 am
us. >> and baseball's highest paid player suspended for doping. how we got to the point where the people kids look up to, where are they? going down a dishonest path. and one democratic congressman claims we don't spend too much, we tax too little. the monsethere for the taking and wait until you hear how he proposes taking it. >> we are not broke. there is plenty of money, it is just the government doesn't have it. the government has a right, the government and the people of the united states have a right to run the programs of the united states. ♪
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>> alex rodriguez.
10:45 am
>> a lot of boos in chicago for what many people considered to be a cheater. another professional athlete falling from grachlts yankee slugger alex rodriguez greeted with boos after major league baseball announced a 211 game suspension. it is rippling all over the country. a rod jerseys are glaringly absent from the store in new york city. and a youth field in wisconsin where rodriguez started the professional career stripped of its name. the old alex rodriguez field didn't send the right message to aspiring young athletes. rodriguez is not the first athlete to get caught up in a steroid scandal. lance armstrong, marion jones and roger clemmens all stripped over the accolades over the use of banned substances.
10:46 am
where are the real role models in professional sports? we have a sports caster and jim, where are the real sports role models? >> well, there is a lot of them. we can't paint the entire canvass with a few strokes of the brush. it is grossly unfair to characterize the guys as not role models. they are thrust in positions they don't want to be n. some behave badly. it is an awful summer, but gregg, a lot of the guys are doing a lot of good things in the communities and land and world as well. >> i am glad you pointed it out. we mention alex rodriguez and lance armstrong who turned the tour de france in the toour
10:47 am
disgrace and marion joans and the track-and-field littered with syrifrjs and bare bonds whose head is big as a buick and when kids see the success of big- time athletes who may be juicing, do you worry they will say that is the way to get a head and i will do it? >> yes, i do. that's what is wrong with the entire thing. go back many years to when charles barkley said in the nike when he said i am not a role model. he was right. it is misguided to trust the athletes to be raising the kids. if you want them to emulate them, you better know who they are emulating and recognize who they are trying to be like. it is one way to be on the field. some are them have athletic
10:48 am
greatness and in a pursuit of excellence. but what they do off of the field and characters they are, you better be really, really sure who it is that you want your kids to follow and emulate and they don't do the research on. that they only see the touch touches and gold medals and so to say they are role models, they are not. but some are worthy of the role and worthy of that being placed on them and they handle it right. we can point to examples of guys who give a ton of money and time and do things all over the community. but i would suggest just like you don't place your trust. look at all of the institutions that let us down, universities and coaches and churches. it is across the board. >> role heroes are not found on sports field. they are teachers who use their own time to help troubled students and doctors who save
10:49 am
a child's life. mothers and fathers who undertake enormous sacrifices to provide love and support and direction for their children. they are real heros and they are all around us and all you have to do is look. >> when tiger woods made a famous speech admitting to infell dillity. he said something that struck me. i don't know how to evaluate all this time later. i hope all of those who believe in me will one day believe in me again. who would believe in tiger woods for anything except he hits a five iron better than anyone else on the planet. it is insane that he thinks that. it is misguided and all wrong. >> jim gray, thank you for your thoughts, i appreciate. it >> thanks so much, jim. it is not a fairy tale or
10:50 am
a story. it is a tale of the beaut sxet boeps. police say young pageant winner apparently considered a quote prank could actually have killed someone. also this story, distracted walkers are proven to be dangerous. there is a new plan that could soon have taxpayers paying millions of dollars for a program that will teach their neighbors exactly how to walk. seriously? yeah. seriously.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
nbc news anchor brian williams announced he will take
10:54 am
leave to have medical care done for knee rursurgery. i guess he wants to get it done quickly before obamacare kicks in. >> that's jay leno cracking a joke at president obama's expense. it's nenew norm, six months of jokes from late night comics found president obama and democrats were the butt of lion's share of jokes. the president better be ready to grin and bare ear it as he is scheduled to appear on leno's show tonight. it is a new move by the federal government. it could affect how you walk. the number of pedestrian deaths in the u.s. is skyrocketing. trace gallagher has more on our west coast newsroom. we're all ears. what's up. >> it's weird because for decades and decades, the number of pedestrian deaths was going down and now on the rice. in 2009, about 4100 pedestrian deaths in this country and 2011
10:55 am
more than 4400 pedestrian deaths. authorities believe the big reason is distracted walking, texting, talking on the phone, listening to music. the biggest cities, look at these numbers, have the biggest problems. 51% of motor vehicle deaths in new york are pedestrians. 42% in la are pedestrians, 30% in chicago. here as an interesting stat. nearly half of all pedestrian deaths involve alcohol. it's the pedestrians who are more likely to be drunk. see it right there. 38 or 35% versus 18% of drivers. now, the feds are putting up 2 million bucks in grants to combat distracted walking, come up with education programs, public services, the kind of things we saw in the early days of the seatbelt campaign. the grants will initially go to the into cities with the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities. here is transportation secretary
10:56 am
anthony fox. listen. >> we have to encourage people to have an awareness that this problem is a real problem affecting our country and their behaviors as they're driving or walk walking can impact our ability to keep people safe. >> by the way, groups are also looking now at putting in things like more sidewalk, more crosswalks, maybe to cut down on pedestrian deaths, but get off the phone when you're crossing the street. jamie. >> we got it. thanks, trace. former president george w. bush recovering after doctors perform a serious heart -- find a serious heart condition and perform a dangerous procedure. claiming the government's not broke and that the feds have a right to collect more money out of your pocket. >> the bottom line is we're not broke. there's plenty of money. it's just the government doesn't have it.
10:57 am
the government has a right, the government and the people of the united states have a right to run the programs of the united states. [ male announcer ] you'll never see weekday lunch the same again!
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it's red lobster's rlunch. seven selections made for your lunch break, like simp tacos and grilled shrimp salad with soup. all jt $7.99. come inoday for rlunch and sea food differently.
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fox news alert, breaking new details on the terror threat triggering now evacuations as well as embassy shut downs around the world. it starts with the americans in yemen now being told to pack up and get out. welcome to a brand new hour of american live. i'm jamie colby. >> i amnes'm gregg jarrett, in megyn kelly. the u.s. air force gets 70 americans in response to an al qaeda terror threat now being called one of the most serious since 9/11. here's the spokesperson for the state department just moments ago. >> let me make clear what this is and what this is not. this is a reduction in staff in. this is -- we still have a
11:01 am
presence in yemen, the u.s. government does, the state department does. we will still be able to provide some services, obviously some limited staff may limit that. and we will continue to evaluate it. >> greg has been in yemen and will continue to evaluate it for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: as you listen to the u.s. department briefing, the u.s. government on very high alert. the word we're getting from yemen is tauthorities there are taking all this seriously. those in yemen have been airlifted to a military base in europe and ramstad, germany and other u.s. citizens advised to leave immediately this in response to what is being called a continuing potential for a terror attack may be against the u.s. embassy. we spent some time in the u.s.
11:02 am
embassy. at the best of the times it is a fortress. our contacts say there are additional armored tanks and yemeni tanks on the street and the uk also evaluating all their personnel from there. it's reported from communications al qaeda zawahiri and the lethal chapter of the worldwide operations to correspond with the end of the holy month of ramadan and watching this this week. the u.s. apparently not waiting for an attack, taking the fight to the enemy. again, today, according to our contacts inside yemen, there was a drone strike to the target east of sanaa, four al qaeda targets killed in a vehicle.
11:03 am
after a bit of a lull, we're seeing more activity by the united states using the drone weapon. six attacks just in the last six days. yemen, too, is on the offensive today, advertising a list of the 25 most wanted terrorists that they feel might be looking to target not just targets inside the capital of sanaa, but across the country, u.s. and other foreign targets. late today, yemen saying they do seem to have this thing under control or do have a handle on it. they're suggesting maybe these evacuations play into the hands of the terrorists' interests, but the u.s. again in that state department briefing say they are responding to a very specific, a very serious threat. one last point, greg. we've been hearing rumblings about this throughout the day, our own jennifer griffin confirming off the coast of yemen, 1400 u.s. marines and
11:04 am
three naval vessels. they are there on a pre-planned mission but according to our contacts in the pentagon, they could be used if the situation warrants. back to you. >> greg palkot, thanks very much. it seems to be all hands on deck with these threats and one person intimately involved is u.s. congressman peter king, a member of the u.s. house intelligence committee and worked on security as well. thank you. good to see you this afternoon. >> thanks as always. >> first we have closures and then evacuations, resources to move offshore if necessary. what's next? >> jamie, we're going to do whatever we have to do. i would say the main thing right now is find out exactly what's happening, to drill down, go through all our sources and use whatever methods we have to see what the enemy is intending to do next. has this been postponed? there's no doubt they were
11:05 am
planning and attack. if it does not go ahead we find out why it didn't, we just postpone it or is this the schedule we had all along. whatever it is, this is very very serious and we cannot let our guard down. as you saw the reports on the attack, killing four people in yemen today. i think we can expect to see an increase in that more aggressive action against those in yemen and other parts of the world. this does not have to occur just in yemen. >> including drones? can't confirm about drone, one of the restrictions we have. i will say whatever has to be done will be done hopefully. >> i understand. initially it was cited there may be some direct communication that led to closures and travel warning between high level al qaeda operatives very specific, as you mentioned, as to a major plan. you've said that an congressman mccaul has said -- was so specific, enormous, these are
11:06 am
the kind of words used. i'm wondering was there a connection between the prison breaks we had been following and reported of some al qaeda operatives and others who were being held for terrorist activities to what's going on right now? >> jamie, there may well have been a direct connection between that and these planned attacks or it can be just part of an attempt by al qaeda and its affiliates to increase the attacks over the next several months. i think we're seeing an increase in posture by al qaeda. whether they've had time to take these thousand prisoners who escaped and use them that is not known but they will be available certainly for future attacks and that makes al qaeda and its affiliates that much stronger. >> you've been quoted as saying this is a wake-up call that al qaeda may in some ways be stronger now than they were at the time of 9/11.
11:07 am
how so? >> i'm very critical of president obama for trying to act as if al qaeda has been defeated or decimated and in one of his speeches he said we're back to pre-9/11. just a pre-9/11 attitude. al qaeda, central demand has been hit very hard. they morphed and metastisize and have affiliates in iraq, libya, somalia and north africa. these groups are harder to follow and zero in on as we were able to do before 9/11. it's much harder to stop them. you have a group like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, it's harder to track and is focused on the united states and europe. aqap is the most dangerous and central al qaeda functions as chairman of the board or board of directors and these other specifically, akap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, we have
11:08 am
to be very careful about it. >> thank you. if we all see something we will say something as well. >> thank you, jamie. >> thank you, congressman king. new reaction from the shocked family of the only person killed in a terrifying hit-and-run on a california boardwalk. take a look at this. the victim, newly married on her honeymoon when the driver suddenly used his car as a weapon to mow down pedestrians over the weekend. he's now charged with murder in a destructive rampage that has caused a tremendous amount of pain and confusion. trace gallagher back in the courtrooms with more. >> we're learning more about the suspect and victim who died. because there are so many surveillance cameras in that area, police are learning more about the attack itself. take a look at this. this is the suspect before the attack, pacing around his vehicle before he gets inside the car, walks in and gets inside the car.
11:09 am
what you don't see when he goes off-camera, he actually drives around some pylons meant to keep people and drivers away from that boardwalk. that's when police say he went and drove around them and speeding down the venice boardwalk going 60 miles an hour, actually, police say, appeared to be deliberately deliberately targeting pedestrians. the suspect, nathan campbell, moved from colorado last month and may have been living in his car and has a history of being homeless and has a history of reckless driving and drug and alcohol abuse. when he turned himself in to santa monica police, the first question he asked, how many people he injured. the woman who died, 32-year-old alice gruppioni on her honeymoon from italy. listen to the interview followed by the husband himself. >> i comforted him for a minute or two. i wasn't sure whether to let him
11:10 am
near or not so i just held him. somebody else came in because it was pretty tough, it was pretty tough. [ inaudible ]. >> the victim was the daughter of bologna's fc soccer team and the suspect, as we all know now, you can see the crowd held on $1 million bond. >> trace gallagher, thanks very much. right now, there's an emergency declaration after a freight train goes off the tracks. look at the scene following the disaster, with hazardous materials on board. crews are scrambling to contain that fallout. we're now learning more why a big government announcement concerning -- or a big announcement concerning former president george w. bush.
11:11 am
the president undergoing some heart surgery. we'll have the latest details. plus, one democratic congressman is raising eyebrows, yes, he is, with his comments about how we should be running our economy. is his suggestion the solution to our government's money problems or new cause for concern? >> the bottom line is we're not broke. there's plenty of money. it's just the government doesn't have it. the government has a right, the government and the people of the united states have a right to run the programs of the united states. alex tnks he's invincibl. his dad knows he's not. that's why dad got allstate accident forgiveness. it starts the day you sign up. [ female announcer ] with accident forgiveness from allstate, your rates won't go up just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. call 866-735-9100 now. kim and james are what you might call...overly protective. especially behind the wheel. nothing wrong with that. in fact, allstate gives them a bonus
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11:14 am
zawahiri. louisiana in a state of emergency after a toxic train derailment. governor bobby jen dal making the declaration three hours ago.
11:15 am
three cars leaking hazardous chemicals are now plugged. but investigators are looking into what caused the derailment. they still don't know. new reaction to a controversy over one democratic congressman's suggestion america is not broke, not at all, it's just, well, mismanaged by government. but his plan to fix the problem makes a whole lot of folks nervous. >> people like george soros, bill gates, warren buffet, jeffpjef jeffrey saks, gene baker and others have all said they support a transaction tax. so the bottom line is we're not broke. there's plenty of money, it's just the government doesn't have it. the government has a right-the government and the people of the united states have a right to run the programs of the united states. welfare, housing, all these
11:16 am
things. >> the government just doesn't have your money. to critics, the congressman's proposed solution amounts to nothing than spreading the wealth around, the old redistribution of wealth. let's bring in our fox news contributors. you get it, tony, don't you? it's not your hard earned money, it belongs to them lites in washington. >> sure. >> and they get to confiscate whenever they want, more of your money. you get that, don't you? >> of course. i'm remind of margaret thatcher the british prime minister's quote, the only problem with socialism is at some point they run out of money. >> most democrats don't even believe that what he believes that american people are indentured servants to the state not free citizens of the state. while we all recognize there's reasonable limits of taxation to pay for government and he thinks it should be atm machines and the bill he's talking about is
11:17 am
programs overseas, investments in developing countries. >> you get the sense from listening to ellison. i listened to a lot of what he said, i read a transcript, you get the clear sense he thinks your hard earned wages are literally government property and folks in washington can reach into your pocket and grab more of it any time they want. >> that's not what he's saying. let's sort of be clear. if you're quoting the person you sound more like you're quoting i don't know republican president eisenhower when we actually had a top marginal tax rate 98%, the successful middle class. >> so many exemptions, nobody paid 98%. >> ridiculous today. what representative ellis is talking about something specific right now, when the wall street people who crashed our economy and we bailed out, when they buy millions and millions, billions of stock trades, they don't pay any tax on that. literally, folks watching at home, when they go buy a pack of gum, they're paying more tax
11:18 am
than wall street is paying on trades. >> what he's saying here is that, look, the only problem we have is that those of us in washington have mismanaged it. no kidding, $17 trillion roughly in debt. and last year alone, $19 billion in government waste. you can go to senator coburn's website, talks about robotic squirrels and menus for martian meals. i goes on and on. >> on the numbers, there's no doubt not only did government mismanage the money of the people we're get to a point anybody reasonable in washington understands we have a debt crisis. 75% debt to gdp ratio, we're spending 25% of gdp by government spending, not a solution to anything. let's talk about 1950 when we had the highest debt to gdp ratio right now. what we need are things like john kennedy a democrat did and president bill clinton did, cut capital gains. when you lower taxes it increases investment in the
11:19 am
private economy where wealth is created. that's where you fund the program, sally, by growing the economy and bring in growth. >> you have 111 million people on foot stamp, cost $114 billion last year alone, more people than those who actually have a job and are employed. we actually interviewed a surfer in california who said -- i can't do this properly -- he's on food stamps, he surfs all day and eats lobster on food stamps every night, hey, dude, why should i work when the government pays me not to. >> right. okay. for every example of that there is more, the truth, most of the people on food stamps have jobs. the reality we all know in this country, productivity has gone up while real wages have gone down. i would love for republicans to for instance support things like increasing the minimum wage so people can feed their families wo working these jobs. let's go back to other points like debt.
11:20 am
i'm glad you didn't cite reagan who increased the debt more than any other president combine until his presidency. >> $6 trillion under obama so far. >> the other issue here is in the 1950s we had not only a robust middle class, we had roads, we were the model economy for the world. now, we have crumbling infrastructure and public school s and -- >> and we had the great society that ended up socializing a large number of programs to run by the deposit. guess what. we have more poverty today, as you acknowledge, sally, crumbling schools. government can't run things. >> i'm getting a hook. there's a hook that will grab me out of my chair. you guys, carry on the conversation. a good one. thank you as always. the first day of the court-martial of the ft. hood shooter. he doesn't dispute he pulled the trigger on that deadly mass
11:21 am
shooting on the military installation. coming up, we ask judge napolitano with the self-confessed ft. hood shooter. also, the tale of the beauty queen and the bomb. one young padgett winner's prank could easily have turned deadly. >> this doesn't happen anywhere in the saltlick city valley fortunately. these are very serious charges and devices and this is not something you want to be involved in. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
11:22 am
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11:24 am
p the cleveland house of horrors where three women were held captive is set to be torn down tomorrow. "the cleveland plain dealer" reports they will demolish the
11:25 am
building for free. the electricity was shut off after personal items were removed. no word yet on the future plans for that site. it has to be the most bizarre story of the day. a bomb show beaut toy bomb maker. kendra mcken zie was crowned nie times in beauty pageants this summer and pleadnow arrested fo building bomb explosives, tossing bottle bombs out of the car. they said it was a prank but the so-called fireworks could have been deadly. trace gallagher has the latest in our west coast newsroom. hard to believe, trace. >> it really is. this happened in riverton, 20 miles south or so of salt lake city, a town of 40,000. the reason kendra won those nine beauty contest, one, because of her looks and because she was an amazing piano player as well and
11:26 am
also set to compete in the miss utah pageant the next step to miss america until she and three of her friends thought it was good idea to allegedly build homemade bombs and toss them out the car window at homes and at people. nobody was hurt. but the four suspects admitted buying plastic bombs or bottles, aluminum foil and household chemicals to build the bombs and all 10 of the homemade devices did detonate. one of the beauty queen's friends said they were just pranking with fireworks. >> they were actually throwing these at people with intent to cause harm, from what i understand. with that intent to cause harm to either people or property, this goes well beyond a teenage prank. >> the cops aren't laughing, the fire department is not laughing and salt lake city bomb and arson investigators are looking into a possible motive in this. the miss utah pageant has not yet commented on kendra gill's
11:27 am
involvement. all four of the suspects you see there, have bonded out of jail. but they will appear in court on these charges and they could be back in jail if found guilty. jamie. >> thank you so much, trace. weird weird weird. former president george w. bush, treated for a serious heart condition. how he's doing today after doctors performed and urgent procedure. plus a celebration literally out of this world. the nasa rover curiosity, marking one year on the red planet. [ jackie ] its just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪ i'm fed up with always having to put my bladder's needs ahead of my daughter.
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11:31 am
former president george w. bush is resting in a details hospital after doctors performed a successful heart procedure to open a blocked artery. the spokesman says the 43rd president is in high spirits and eager to return home. >> chief political correspondent is live in washington. >> he was having a check-up when doctors found a blockage to the artery of his heart. president george w. bush the 4 43rd president of the united states underwent heart surgery.
11:32 am
they used to opt for medication but more and more now they opt for a heart accident inserted into the artery, tiny measush t goes in to hold it open so blood can flow through freely. it was found through a stress test. >> the stress test showed ekg changes while he was exercising and that led them to do a procedure called a cat scan angiogram, ct angiogram, a very sophisticated way to find a blockage. once they found the blockage, put a katter the in through the groin and up to the heart and put a balloon in and dilated the artery that was closed and put an accident in. >> we're told the procedure went smoothly. mr. bush actually expects to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and resume his schedule this thursday. george w., 67 years old in great
11:33 am
shape for years used to be an avid jogger and now avid bicyclist and doing so aggressively for years. a spokesperson said he was grateful for all the prayers and good wishes and everybody ought to get regular check-ups. >> carl cameron, thanks so much. fox news alert on the court-martial, the navy doctor admitted he turned his gun on fellow officers in a rampage. he's representing himself after firing two other lawyers and said in an opening statement that lasted less than two minutes today that the evidence will show quote i am the shooter. let's bring in judge andrew n napolatano. i've been waiting to talk to you. we're getting a sense how
11:34 am
different this will be. for lawyers from all nevover th world, a historic story but interesting story. >> he gave a two minute opening statement that he was the shooter? basically confession. >> that we went from the wrong side, enlisted officer in the military to the right side defending the muslim world and casualties there. in the courtroom are these victims whom he gets to question. so far, he hasn't cross-examined any. he has the right to do that. would this trial be any different if it were in a civilian court? >> the obligation of the government to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral center is the same in military justice and civilian justice. the procedures are basically the same. the government goes first, presents its witnesses and defense counsel cross-examines. the judge is wearing a uniform, the jurors are wearing a uniform. the prosecutor is wearing a uniform. aside from appearance, it's
11:35 am
nearly the same. it's all still basically governed by the constitution and supreme court precedent. >> one question ai i want to ask you about, he can represent himself and go pro-sane any federal court. i found this statistics. 11 of the 16 death sentences handed down by military juries in the last 30 years have been overturned according to an academic study and court records. no academic officer or soldier has been executed since 1961. they're looking for the death penalty in this case. what about the appeals process? >> whatever you think of the death penalty from a moral and legal and constitutional point of view, under the current state of the law, this is a highly appropriate case for the death penalty. they have evidence of plans and plotting and of slaughter of innocents for some stated political purpose. so this clearly fits into the category of a planned plotted execution style murder.
11:36 am
it's classic capital murder. the appeals process theoretically can get to the supreme court. the supreme court rarely hears appeals from the military courts of appeal. if major hasan's theory is by stumping and bumbling throughout the defense he will avoid the death penalty, i don't know that will work though there is some track record for that. he's not going to get sympathy from the jury but he may get some sort of response from an appellate court which will see the glaring opportunities to challenge the government's evidence that were lost by a lay person, meaning a non-lawyer. an intelligent educated lay person, an medicine and psychiatrist, meaning three or four years of education beyond medical school, but not a lawyer and not familiar with the legal procedures. >> what defenses are available in a military court? strategically, could he have decided not to use the lawyers assigned and represented himself
11:37 am
because at some point or has that point passed he could claim i didn't really understand the proceedings, i'm insane. >> he has been found 16 enou-- enough to participate in his defense. there is no test for lawyers, representing himself as lawyer. no independent test for sanity as an lawyer. >> can he say down the road i didn't have effective counsel because didn't know what i was doing? >> one can argue that theoretically because clearly you cannot represent yourself and claim inassistance of counsel as an excuse. so our viewers understand this, the constitution requires you have effective assistance of counci counsel, a lawyer who knows what the lawyer is doing. but when you represent yourself, you are waiving your right and that choice must be inquired into to make sure you are competent to wave that right and
11:38 am
the court did that. >> when you see someone not convicted criminally, they are convicted in a sense civilly, where they have to pay damages. many people are outraged that the victims of this because it was declared a workplace violence incident and not injury in combat are not receiving every benefit they should, many are paying for their own continuing medical expenses. he's collected hundreds of thousands of dollars while he's held pending trial. why aren't those wages garnished? do these victims have the chance to do against him civilly? he wins financially and they lose. >> they do not have a chance go after him financially because they're in this multi-and wages cannot be garnished until pleaded guilty. the determination of this as workplace violence instead of combat injury in my view is a political determination inappropriately made and
11:39 am
unfairly visiting misery on these victims who would be entitled to more benefits from the army if the political people that run the army had been appropriate and declared this a combat violence -- >> another injury. >> a lose lose all over the place for everybody involved in this trial. that's just an another example of it. >> interesting perspective, judge. wow. this will be one to watch. >> there will be plenty for us to talk about. he's going to take the witness stand. can he give a narrative or does he have to ask himself questions? if the judge requires the latter it will be a long tedious cross-examination. >> thank you. you're the best. >> you're very kind. reward for the person who pulled off one of the largest jewelry heists in history. we'll tell you how much they got away with. plus, new concerns about the growing danger inside yemen as a
11:40 am
terror threat closes the evacuation of the embassy there. exactly how bad have things gotten? and criticism from the yemen embassy. al qaeda and the arabian peninsula is probably the biggest threat to the homeland. the al qaeda faction that still talks about hitting the west and hitting the homeland. their expertise is chemical explosives, hitting the aviation sector as we saw with the underwear bomber. but when it comes to investing, i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that kind of relationship. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab. avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today. [ all ] who's new in the fridge!
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fox news alert. a pretty scary landing at one major u.s. airport, the educate notice we're getting of a southwest airlines flight that landed at laguardia airport nose first, a hard landing without any landing gear. trace gallagher live in our west coast newsroom with the latest on that. hi, trace. >> it's kind of interesting. as you read through this report you can see the captain and
11:44 am
first officer had plenty of experience. thousands of hours but interesting to note the first officer had only landed at laguardia about six times prior to this. the captain of the flight had only landed at laguardia one time prior to this landing here. you can see what happened was the plane came in and instead of flaring and landing on the back part first and touching down on the nose, it came in nose first, hit the front landing gear and that's what made it collapse. here's the fascinating part of the whole thing. it says there was a change of command. what happened was the first officer was actually flying the plane and landing it at laguardia. then at 400 feet, which is very very low above the runway, for some reason, the pilot, the captain, decided to take over and the captain then landed the plane. you looking through the report, it says the wind wasn't heavy, the skies were fairly clear. they could see the runway 5 miles out. very unusual to point out that the captain would somehow take over controls just above the
11:45 am
runway and then land that plane. was it coming in at too steep an angle and that's why the captain took over? it's unknown. again, it kind of harkens back to the san francisco crash where the flight crew there did not have a lot of experience flying into sfo. same thing here, the flight crew didn't have a lot of experience flying into laguardia. whether that plays into this, we will determine at some point down the road, i'm sure. >> hopefully lessons learned. thanks. let me make clear what this is and what this is not. this is a reduction in staffing. this is -- we still have a presence in yemen, the u.s. government does, the state department does. we will still be able to provide some services, obviously some limited staff, may limit that. but -- and we will continue to evaluate it. >> that was state department spokesperson jen psaki, just
11:46 am
moments ago addressing criticism from the u.s. yemeni embassy, that so-called evacuations of american and u.s. personnel actually provides help to extremists. but in a country that's supposed to be a strategic american ally, the disagreement over our decision to leave in the face of a threat is racing some big questions over just how good our alliance really is. fox news national security analyst, michael kay, international security expert. the yemenis are saying, you're just playing into the hands of the terrorists of al qaeda. what do you think? >> i'm sure that's what the libyan government told us right before benghazi, too. the host government is responsible for security. at the end of the day, american has to do what it has to do to keep americans safe. while they may give us that reassurance, where are they going to be if there is an attack and something happens. >> does it speak poorly about the relationship between the two
11:47 am
governments? >> we need each other but if you're the yemeni government, what will you say? you will save face, of course we can keep the americans safe. they don't have to leave. they're almost in a position they have to say that. >> is there a contrast to what's going on? >> the safety of the diplomats and u.s. citizens within the country is absolutely paramount. i think sensitivities are heightened because of what happened in benghazi, the first point. the second point, yemen's security structure is very very fragile. you have three tiers, the political side. yemeni went for a revolution in 2011. they didn't depose the then president but was replaced under the gulf initiative, a u.s. saudi initiative. that was because he was granted immunity. there are a lot of people that have problem of being granted immunity because of all the massacres of the previous
11:48 am
president. the military side two arms fragmented the one that favors the protesters and you have sala's son, another general that runs the the army and have different political incentives. >> it's a fragile place to be. is that why we have 1400 u.s. marines just off the coast of yemen? >> the former head of the cia said to me the guy running yemen isn't more like a president, more like the juggler of the circus and has different tribes to keep happy, this group and that group. al qaeda has taken part of yemen itself. they're in a difficult position. i think we should have americans there. you have seen after benghazi you cannot outsource the protection of american personnel to other countries because you can't count on it. >> k.t. wrote an interesting column i don't know if you read it. let me quote. al qaeda is in more places around the world and stronger
11:49 am
than ever before. you agree with that, colonel? >> i agree in parts. what i'd say. at the moment we're seeing the general manager, if you like, of al qaeda on the arabian peninsula, al wuhayshi. their directive is to protect the homeland that came from zawahiri. and al qaeda and iraq is headed up by baghdadi has an objective of undermining the shiite and iraqi government. i'd also say there are very different objectives going on with also their own in ter futile disputes as well. >> has the obama administration given out too much information? >> we don't know. we will have this conversation a week from now and if there is an attack we'll look back and say thank goodness we evacuated people, there would have been more tragedy.
11:50 am
we may a week from now say thank goodness we evacuated and able to foil the attack. if a week from now we come back and say, nothing happened, then i think somebody has explaining to do we have taken probably the most significant withdrawal of americans given a travel alert to every american going anywhere in the world to say, watch out. >> but very quickly. we gave out so much information, the time, place, and manner of our intel. we tipped off the enemy down to, we learn this through talk in yemen. >> when we hunting al qaeda in baghdad we were working off months and months and sometimes years, like a need until a haystack. you led the relative senior al qaeda know your listening into the phone calls they will go deep, and effectively the security community has to restart again.
11:51 am
>> thank you. >> we're going to come right back with much more. thanks, greg.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
♪ >> far from home, celebrating one earth year on mars, along with a lot a data collected. the rover curiosity, and changing the way we look at our entire solar system. steve hrrrigan in miami. >> some remarkable successes for nasa in this mars exploration project, now marking the
11:55 am
one-year anniversary. first, getting the rover in the exact spot the weren't sure could be dub but they -- done but they did it, landing this car-sized project in the exact right spot. and the big news from the mission so far, eight months in, drilling the first rock and soil samples ever taken from mars, they discovered ancient streambeds. so more than 2 billion years ago scientists think, based on the research, there could have been mine microbes, life on planet mars. >> all added up to understanding this environment as being chemically one that was favorable for life, not in a harsh way but actually quite a benign environment very much like earth. >> the rover is moving at 100-yard a day clip. heading towards mt. sharp.
11:56 am
one of the highest rocker formations there, and in november, nasa is going to launch not spacecraft towards mars. this one will analyze the atmosphere and radiation levels. we're looking at a decade of robotic exploration of mars, all this in preparation for future manned space flights to mars. >> might be a was from that. thanks, steve. great report. we'll be right back. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? final lyric an update on the multimillion dollar jewelry heist in france. an affiliate of lloyd's of londoner with these pictures, and a reward on the robbery. >> you don't have those. >> those are not in my collection. stolen at gunpoint on july 28th. the suspect simply walked out the door with $136 million take,
12:00 pm
making the robbery one of the largest heists in history, so keep your eye out for those baubles. >> i well. they were pressless. thanks for being with us, "studio b" with shepard smith starts now. >> shepard: the news begins anew on studio b. the man accused of murdering soldiers in fort hood is finally facing trial. and facing off against the wounded drivers he is accused of shooting. he admits he is the shooter. >> then the u.s. government is stepping up its terror warning. today, evacuate something embassy staff and warning all americans in one arab nation to get out and get out now. we're finding out what triggered this high threat level. former president george w. bush reportedly had an operation to help blood flow around his heart. the latest on his condition, and all the rest ahead, unless break news changes everything.